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As Amazon sellers, we always strive to do everything ourselves to save, but soon we realize it was just the opposite - a waste of precious time and money!

Here's a fresh example from last month of what we can do!

Image 1 - Monthly PPC of a client just before we jumped in:


Image 2 - Monthly PPC just 1 month after we did our thing:

How does it work?

PPC maintenance

Lastly, once con. rate is incresing, we go on optimizing existing campaigns, creating new ones, rank & boost potential KWs to page 1, improving organic placements & increaseing sales!

List optimization

Secondly, we conduct profound KW research & SEO. We go through your existing campaigns, KWs & organic rankings to detect money leaks as well as potential KWs. Then, we consult how to gredually improve the list & increase conversion rate.

Deep analysis

First, we dive to analyse the core foundations of your product: costs, market, competitors, pricing, branding and most importantly quality list! Because it all starts & ends with your conversion rate - that's what makes our method unique.

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I went through several "PPC experts" before RPG, but after being impressed by their methods, I decided to give it a chance. Since then we work so closely as if they were my partners! They first told me they strive for great customer service, today I understand how precise it is!

Tom Lefler

The PPC was gradually killing my business until these guys took over. After deep analysis and increasing my conversion rate, only then I fully understood their unique strategies to optimize my campaigns - the results were immediate! Glad I found them!

Sharon Weiss

RPG team are doing above and beyond for their clients. They literally revived my products, within just a few days I could see the impact on my sales. Their "small" tips and uncompromising customer service is what makes the difference to me every day.

Alex Hudiakov


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